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Coordinate all trades in digital space before constructing in the physical space

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We provide a wide range of comprehensive and integrated BIM services to meet our Client’s needs.

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More than a technology, Building Information Modeling (BIM) helps architects in creating innovative building structures. It provides high-quality results with greater efficiency, short project lifecycles, and reduced costs.

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Our Process

We suggest using Taking The Next Steps Toward Working Together

Step 1


You contact us… the earlier the better! We prefer to be working with you, early on, carefully crafting a strategy well in advance of your project deliverable. However, we do receive calls where the due date is quickly approaching. In either case, it never costs you anything to pick-up the phone and call us.


Step 2

No Cost, No Risk, Brainstorm

We have an awesome conversation during which you share some basic information about your project pursuit, and we react by sharing some cool ideas! Mmm… brainstorming. Seriously we’re good. We’ll immediately and openly share whatever ideas we have. We’re not a ”passive” consultant. We’re going to ”lean in.”

Step 3

Map It Out

We prepare and submit a suggested scope of services, together with a thorough explanation of what we anticipate is the best for the project based on conversations and a lot of experience. After all, we work with a lot of various clients with many different needs and expectations.


Step 4

Work The Plan

We settle on a final scope of services, and then we rock and roll! Expect us to immediately engage. We won’t casually sit back and wait for you. We’ll professionally, and assertively, work in a hyper-collaborative way to drive the team, and our new formed relationship, toward the highest probability of a successful outcome.

Client Testimonials

We have partnered with BIMWERX on numerous successful projects. Jason’s experience and tireless pursuit of excellence is an enormous asset to his clients and their projects. We look forward to more opportunities to work with BIMWERX in the future

Nick Fuller

Owner, BIM Consulting Services

BIMWERX is a highly skilled BIM resource, but more importantly a trusted partner. They are highly committed to getting the job done right, while also elevating the game of the overall process through their influence

Alex Nash

VDC Project Manager, Turner Construction


We’re not your average consultant. We’re a highly specialized, laser-focused company that was built from the ground up. We have lived and worked on all sides of the AEC industry and we recognize the needs of the various project stakeholders.