3D Quantity Takeoff

Need an extra set of eyes on the big dollar items? Or maybe you want to save time by quantifying redundant items in the project. BIMWERX is your one-stop shop.

We Reduce The Time It Takes To Pull Quantities Of Various Types Of Items In Your Building And Visually Show You What Has Been Added, Deleted, And Altered

You have received drawings and models from the design team for your first round of preliminary pricing. In about 30 days you will receive another set of drawings and models. Trying to turn around pricing for the owner is tough and you want to make sure your high-dollar items are correct.

So how can you leverage the BIM without throwing your entire estimate out the window? Let BIMWERX look at those models and give you quantities that you can check against your estimates. Concrete, steel, drywall, light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures are just some of the items we can check for you. The only caveat is that the models need to be high enough quality to gather quality information. Garbage in, garbage out.