Constructability Reviews

The ability to verbalize and visualize potential design issues via constructability reviews is one of the niches of our services and perhaps the most valuable to our clients.

Have you ever received the design models and drawings but are curious how it will all play out in the field? How do you know if it’s well-coordinated without internally spending hundreds of hours figuring it out? BIMWERX can help with that! We can take the design models as early as the 100% design development phase and start running clash detection. But it doesn’t stop there.

We produce a full written report with many images from the models and drawings and descriptions of everything we find! We compare plumbing invert elevations and locations with civil drawings and check plumbing slopes, along with piping and duct insulation. We have most likely worked on the building type you are working on, and we understand the pinch points and what to look out for. The final product is a well-written report ranging from twenty to fifty pages that sheds light on all shortcomings we see as well as potential solutions. Ideally, this report is done twice before issuing the GMP to the owner. The earliest is typically at 100% design development. The other is the contract document stage before the permit. This will give the design team feedback and enough time to remedy the major issues before the permit set is issued.