2D to 3D Conversions

Are you in need of converting the 2D documents to a usable 3D model suitable for coordination? We have you covered!

In today’s AEC environment, not all architects and engineers are up to speed on modeling in a 3D platform. Frequently, the team with the best experience and lowest fees is still doing old two-dimensional drawings. This meets their contract requirements, but what happens when the owner, construction manager, or general contractor wants more than just 2D CAD drawings? What happens if the trade partners have all agreed to do 3D coordination on the project, but you can’t seem to get the architecture or structure modeled by a trade contractor? Enter BIMWERX!

BIMWERX has a ton of experience modeling ALL major trades, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, architecture, and structure, and we are pretty good at it too! We model the architecture the way it was intended, with actual information that can be utilized during the coordination process, such as wall types, fire ratings, STC ratings, UL numbers, named thicknesses of materials, individual materials for the various pieces of the walls, floors, and ceilings. Our structural models come with actual sizes within the naming conventions and materials. We even indicate which CMU walls are grouted solid! Anything that we know will help the coordination process, we include. Mechanical ductwork is properly insulated and internally lined as specified. We insulate all mechanical piping too! Plumbing seems to be one of those trades that never seems to be modeled correctly, even when coming directly from the engineer. BIMWERX takes the time to slope all gravity pipe as specified and add insulation per the specification.