Coordination & Shop Drawings

Do you need shop drawings, but the project doesn’t have the budget for BIM? We can produce those sleeve, slab, and roof penetration drawings for you!

We are always asked, “hey, I have these models from the design team, so all I should have to do is have drawings made, right?” Not so fast. Are the models accurate? Do they consider standard construction practices? Are there clearances added to light fixtures? Are the gravity pipes sloped? Are the pipes insulated per the specs? Are the supports correct and clash free? Do the ducts take the flanges into account? Are the trapeze supports accounted for? How about the electrical conduit and racks? As you can imagine, there are many things to consider when dealing with coordination. Often, we find that the design models are nowhere close to coordinated and require hundreds of hours to get the models to a point where shop drawings can be created.

After all, that is what the BIM Coordination process is all about! BIMWERX, has you covered. We understand the process. We understand what is needed and where to look for information. We work hand-in-hand with our construction partners to make certain we do things the way you want them done!