VRWERX for Homes: The Future of Homebuying

BY Jason Matthews | 2 mins read

The #VRWERX recently released a video on YouTube that illustrates how we are revolutionizing the homebuying experience. Home building has skyrocketed over the last few years and we at The Werx Company has realized that there is really nothing setting the competition apart from each other. We have focused over 18 months of research and development to one goal; offer homebuilders turnkey technology-based solutions that turn the conventional and mundane homebuying experience on its head. Here is how we do it:

Step 1: Build a 3D virtual model of your community

Step 2: Build photorealistic model of your homes inside and out, in virtual reality

Step 3: Build in whatever customization you want your homebuyer to have

Step 4: Customize your sale center with our proprietary hardware (AKA The WerxNest)

Step 5: Provide turnkey systems integration services, including training of personnel as well as onsite and offsite support

Step 6: Engage potential homebuyers in your sales center as you normally do

Step 7: Prospective buyers tour the model homes with tablet in hand and our proprietary software, customizing the model homes with options as they desire

Step 8: Sync the customizations to the cloud or customize their home and lot on the WerxNest

Step 9: Potential homebuyer experiences their customizations either in the VR headset or on the large format TV.

Step 10: Link of their customized homebuying experience is sent via secured link directly to the potential homebuyer with the ability to share directly from their social media accounts.

As a biproduct, we can produce all your marketing material for you including 2D Floor Plans, colored elevations, Renderings, Animations, Print Advertisements, Website, and Drone Footage.

So what are you waiting for. Reach out to our team for more information.

Phone: 888.333.8804

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