Demystifying BIM Execution Plans

BY Jason Matthews |

BIM Execution Plan
BIM Execution Plan

Construction projects are complex undertakings involving many different components that must come together seamlessly. The same is true for BIM on a project. Ensuring project stakeholders understand how the BIM process is to occur is essential. Without proper organization, things can get disorganized very quickly. This is where the BIM Execution Plan comes in.

A BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is a comprehensive document that ensures all project stakeholders and team members are on the same page regarding your construction project. So, what exactly does an effective BEP contain? This insightful video from BIMWERX breaks it down step-by-step.

The main components of a BEP include clearly outlining the goals of your project and assigning responsibilities to each project stakeholder and team member. This keeps everyone aware of their roles and responsibilities from the start. The BEP also illustrates how information will flow throughout each phase of the construction project lifecycle. Mapping out the information flow helps optimize project management from start to finish.

Creating a solid BEP upfront provides immense value for complex construction projects. It aligns all parties, establishes effective collaborative workflows, and sets the stage for achieving project goals on time and budget. Yet many project managers find BEPs confusing or struggle to develop a robust plan.

If you want to demystify BIM execution plans for your next construction project, this video tutorial is a must-watch. We walk you through crafting a comprehensive BEP from scratch, outlining all the key components step-by-step. Their clear explanations will help you create an effective plan to keep your next project organized and on track for success.

There are a total of three videos on BIM Execution Plans. You can check out the additional videos here:

Components of a BIM Execution Plan Part 1

Components of a BIM Execution Plan Part 2

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